Double Rainbow, Vali Höll and Kye A'Hern Win World Titles!

The highly anticipated UCI Downhill World Championship was gifted to Canada this year and one of the toughest tracks on the circuit, Mont-Sainte-Anne, was chosen as the destination to decide the fate of the world's fastest racers.

Day 1: Full Stoke

Before riders are even on their bikes at world's the action already starts. This year, the talk of the pits was Vali Höll's custom YT frame painted at the TLD headquarters in Corona, CA. Designed by Troy himself, the ultra- glittery and loud bike is hard to miss.

Vali Höll stoked on her custom #TLDpaint YT

"A pretty damn good looking YT bike" - Vali Höll

a closer look at the shiny details

Day 2: Practice

Brendan Fairclough, Jack Moir and the rest of the TLD bike crew were on the track for the first time to get line choices down and prepare for qualifying while the weather was cooperating.

Jack Moir in his custom moto inspired TLD Sprint kit
Brendog in the new Sprint black/flo yellow Jersey available September 9th

Day 3: Qualifying

Qualifying marks the "get serious" time at the event. Your time down the track now matters and if you're outside of the protected riders list, you need a solid time to get in to the final. Top TLD qualifying results included Vali Höll's setting the fastest time in junior women's, Vali's Sram TLD Racing teammate Lucas Cruz' second fastest time in junior men's and Troy Brosnan & Jack Moir's 6th and 7th qualifying results in elite men's.

Troy Brosnan flying in his D3 Helmet
Lucas Cruz, always cool as a cucumber
Vali with her #1 plate

Day 4: Finals

With some promising qualifying results, the TLD bike crew backed up their top times in the final to take some amazing results. Vali Höll was the fastest in junior women's and grabbed her second consecutive WORLD TITLE. Despite some issues practice, Kye A'Hern put down a blazing time in the final which would hold up and give him the junior men's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Kye's Canyon Factory Racing teammate Troy Brosan would also leave with a silver medal after laying down a blistering run elite men's. Click HERE for a full list of results.

Vali and her second gold metal!
Kye A'Hern puts Australia on the top spot
Troy Brosnan snags silver