That Winning Feeling: Jessy Nelson Talks USGP Victory

David Bulmer / Winning races is an awesome feeling, but at the very highest level it is something that few professionals ever accomplish. Last weekend Jessy Nelson put behind him his Lucas Oil outdoor campaign, and stepped up to win the MX2 at the USGP, showing everyone that he is fully capable of winning races outside. We caught up to Jessy in a brief chat before the press conference to hear what he had to say about his 1-1 effort… You’ve got to be pretty happy with the weekend. Were you expecting to win when you came here? I mean, I always try to win but sometimes it doesn’t happen. It was great to win. It was a great day, 1-1. Cannot complain. It was a great weekend. Coming into this race were you excited or were you kind of like, okay, my team want to do it, I’ll go along with the ride? I was asked to do it probably six months ago. They were like, you won’t get as much time off after outdoors but if you want to do it… I was like, yeah, why not? I’ll see how I do against the Europeans. I never raced them. I never really watched them in person or anything like that. So I thought it was a cool opportunity to get my face out there and meet some new people. It was cool. Awesome event, just a different style racing. They didn’t prep between Saturday and Sunday. It was just cool. It’s a great feeling. So you’d highly recommend it to your peers to have a go at one of these if it comes back next year? I mean hey, in a few years if I’m looking for a ride or something and there’s something opening up in Europe I think I’ll think about doing that. I like the way it was ran. It was cool. Awesome event. Looking through your season this far, you didn’t win a moto. What was it like to actually to come off the line and actually win a race? It was a great feeling. It was cool. Can’t complain. Today was good. To get a win and then go all outdoors not getting a win… I think I just needed a little time to clear my head and ride good. Outdoors is tough and there’s a lot of ups and downs. But I had a lot of podiums. I tied for a lot of podiums, tied for 2nd’s. I just never got that win. But this is cool. I’m really happy. What do you do now? Do you finally get that break or do you have to go straight into Supercross and the Monster Cup? No Monster Cup for me as of right now, but I’ll be riding Supercross the end of this week I think. And then I’ll be racing the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, see how that goes. Do you envy these guys because they’ve got one more race and essentially they’ve got six months off from racing? Yeah, they get quite a big break. We get gnarly off-season training and we’re back at it, so it’s non-stop. It’s just completely different. Jessy was then called up for the press conference but he wished to add that he would to thank his team and sponsors Troy Lee Designs, Lucas Oil, Red Bull, KTM, GoPro for the whole season as well as entering into this race.